Jumbo Bag of Top Soil

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Jumbo bag of top quality Norfolk, screened top soil.

Norfolk Topsoil: A high quality 10mm screened Norfolk Loam with a neutral pH. Ideal for use on large-scale groundworks and landscaping projects or where the existing soil is of poor quality.

We believe in quality, and it all starts with our topsoil. Many topsoils are manufactured from by-products, for example, vegetable washings mixed with materials such as sand, sawdust and compost. Topsoils are complex ecosystems, the microbes and fauna within them play an important role in maintaining a healthy soil and promoting plant growth.

Our topsoil is 100% natural, and carefully sourced. It is minimally processed by being screened to 10mm in order to remove larger pebbles and stones.

Our Norfolk topsoil forms the basis of many of the topdressings and growing blends we sell to professional ground staff and greenkeepers.

Approx 850kg per bag.

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Why buy topsoil?

If your existing soil is of poor quality, damaged, of if the space has no natural soil such a patio or courtyard.

Where to use topsoil

Many gardens have poor quality soil, especially at new-build homes and surrounding extensions, where the natural topsoil has been stripped away during the construction process. Topsoil can be used to cover the ground, to create new beds, borders or to provide a base for turf laying or sowing grass seed.

In paved gardens where there is no access to soil, topsoil can be used in raised beds for growing plants and vegetable patches.