Water softener salt tablets 25kg

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Monarch Water Salt Tablets – 25kg

Monach Water offer the highest quality Food Grade Salt tested to BS: EN973 Class A and HR Approval No: 24.00024/A, with our tablet and granular salt complying with ECHA 528-2012regarding biocidal protection.

Features and Benefits:

  • Food Grade Salt Approved to BS:EN 973 Class A
  • Complies With the European Chemicals Agency EU: 528/2012 Biocidal Test Criteria
  • Size: 25kg

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the salt ionized?No salt in the UK is ionized. Monarch Water Salt is one of only two in the UK that complies with ECHA EU:528/2012 for bacteriostatic affect
  • Are these slow release tablets?In the softener salt world, there’s no such thing. Salt when immersed in water dissolves to brine. When brine saturation is reached, the salt stops dissolving. That’s why the strength of brine in the sea never changes. The average time to dissolve will be between 20-30 minutes depending on the water temperature