Azpects Sandstone Enhancer & Sealer

£42.99 inc. VAT


2-in-1 colour protector for natural sandstone paving

  • Specially formulated for sandstone and other natural stone
  • Enriches and enhances colour without shine
  • Injects life back into paths, patios and driveways
  • Protects and seals against water, oil and grease
  • Resists algae and fungal growth
  • Water-based impregnating sealer, apply second coat wet-on-wet
  • 5 litres seals up to 25m2 based on one coat, depending on surface porosity


Sandstone Enhancer & Sealer is a professional-grade water-based, non-solvent solution that enriches, boosts, and enhances the natural colour of your sandstone paving without giving it a false shiny finish. Whilst sandstone Sealer and Enhancer have been designed explicitly for sandstone; it is suitable for sealing and enhancing other types of natural stone. When looking to seal and enhance slate or limestone, we suggest you use our Slate and Limestone Sealer, designed for less porous stone.


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