Coroline Black Ridge 1m roof sheets

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These waterproof Coroline corrugated bitumen ridges are ideal for shed, garage, and agricultural building projects and repairs. Manufactured from durable, lightweight material, these long-lasting ridges are free from hazardous and toxic materials, such as asbestos, making this an environmentally-friendly roofing solution. Compatible with a wide variety of materials, the range is lightweight and easy to handle, making them simple and hassle-free to install with Coroline fixings, caps and washers. This version comes in a smart black colour that’s easy to pair with a wide range of projects.

Features & Benefits: Coroline Bitumen Black Ridge Roof Sheet 

  • Cost-effective, strong and lightweight solution ideal for sheds, garages, agricultural buildings and more
  • Manufactured from durable bitumen-saturated organic fibres
  • A non-hazardous and non-toxic material, making it a green roofing solution
  • Compatible with most commercially available construction materials
  • Easy to handle and install
  • Excellent thermal insulation and good sound absorption
  • Also ideal for animal enclosures, including animal houses and stables


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