How to guide- Hanging a Door

How to guide- Hanging a Door

Step 1- Carefully remove the old door, make sure the weight of the door is fully supported when removing the final screws
Step 2- Stand the new door up by the doorway to check if it will need trimming, if so put a pencil mark to mark the top of the door opening onto the new door.
Step 3- Secure the door to your workbench, measure the distance which needs trimming and divide equally between the top and the bottom of the door, then add an additional 3mm to both ends to allow for clearance
Step 4- Mark a cutting guideline on the bottom on the door, if removing a small amount trim using a plane, if not sure a panel or circular saw.
Step 5- Hold the door against the frame, if the width does not fit, repeat the process with the sides.
Step 6- put the door into position, using small wedges under the door to lift it off of the ground, there should be a consistent 3mm gap between the door and the frame on all sides.
Step 7- Use a pencil to mark position of existing hinges on the door, lay the door back on the workbench and align the new hinges with the marks you have made, draw around the hinges.
Step 8- Measure thickness of new hinges and mark line of same thickness on edge of door. Using a sharp chisel, cut around your pencil lines.
Step 9- position the chisel at a 45-degree angle, using the pencil marks as a guide make small cuts at 5mm intervals, to the depth of the hinge plate. Turn the flat side of the chisel towards the door and chisel out the recess.
Step 10- put the hinges into position and drill the pilot holes and screw the hinge plates to the door
Step 11- Place the door against the frame, open at 90-degrees. Put the first screw through the lowest hole on the top hinge and then the same on the bottom hinge. Then the third screw through the top hole in the top hinge
Step 12- Check the door opens and closes without catching, if it does, mark the area and sand it down or trim accordingly
Step 13- When it opens and closes cleanly, add the finishing touches, like painting or making cut outs for handles, finally screw in to secure the door in place.


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Published On: 02/03/2021Categories: How To Guides

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