Spruce Ornamental Bark

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Spruce Ornamental™
A popular, high-performance mulch suitable for a wide range of garden and
professional landscape applications, including prestigious sites, car parks,
superstores, business parks, tubs, planters and window boxes.

Typical uses and benefits of Spruce Ornamental Bark:

Nominal particle size range 5 to 35mm
• Naturally acidic
• Easy to handle
• Dark brown in colour
• Long effective service life of 2 years plus
• Fire resistant characteristics, confirmed by testing in
accordance with BS 4790:1987, make Melcourt Spruce
Ornamental particularly useful in areas of potential fire
risk, e.g. car parks, vehicle fuel filling stations, adjacent
to offices and pedestrian walk ways, housing estates
• Processed from natural, sustainably produced mixed
conifer bark
• RHS endorsed (when sold in 60 litre bags)
• Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®)*
• 100% peat free
• Hostile living environment for pests

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