How to guide- Fixing Door Issues

How to guide- Fixing Door Issues

Fixing a Loose Hinge
Step 1- a door may “drop” or “bind” if the hinges are loose, hopefully all you will need to do is use a screwdriver and tighten the screws. However it is more likely one of the screws is no longer gripping to the wood
Step 2- Remove the screw(s) that won’t tighten, place a little wood glue into the screw hole, and use a hammer to tap small pieces of wood like a match with the heads removed into the hole.
Step 3- wait for the glue to dry and use a hammer or chisel to tap the matches until they’re flush with the hinge.
Step 4- Replace the screws into the hinge and tighten as normal.

Ease a Sticking Door
Step 1- May be able to solve the problem using coarse sandpaper and a sanding block, if not youll need to use a place to remove the excess material.
Step 2- Use a pencil to mark the areas of the door which are sticking, if it is at the top or the bottom of the frame you will need to unscrew the door from its hinges and secure to a workbench.
Step 3- Remove enough material from the door to give a sufficient clearance, don’t forget to factor in additional coats of paint if required
Step 4- Use sandpaper and a sanding block to smooth off all cut edges.
Step 5- hang the door back up if taken off and check it no longer sticks, make small adjustments if needed

Packing Out a Hinge
Step 1- Remove the screws from the bottom hinge and prise out the hinge
Step 2- Cut some thick cardboard to the same size and place into the recess in the door frame
Step 3- Reattach the bottom hinge

Move a Doorstop
Step 1- Using a chisel gently prise out the door stop, use a hammer to tap the the existing nails out of the door stop.
Step 2- Use a chisel and sandpaper to remove raised paint edges where the doorstop was.
Step 3- Close the door and engage the latch with the strike plate. Reposition the door stop so it fits against the door.
Step 4- Tap the nails in halfway. Check the door closes easily, and doesn’t rattle or feel like it will spring open.
Step 5- If happy tap the nails in fully and use a nail punch to sink them in, and sand down.


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