How to guide- Install a Fence

How to guide- Install a Fence

Carefully plan fence before starting

Step 1- Check the area with cable avoidance tool, remove any rocks or debris from the area, and any plants you’re looking replant later
Step 2- Mark position of first fence post, use a spade to dig a hole appropriate to length of post you’re using
Step 3- Add around 25mm of gravel or MOT type 1 to bottom of hole and place fence post in hole
Step 4- use spirit level to check it is vertical and screw pieces of timber to keep it in place
Step 5- Add your post fast and fill hole until around 25mm below soil line and check it is vertical
Step 6- Create a gentle slope in the post fast so the water runs away from the post
Step 7- check drying time of your post fast and allow to dry before removing timber props
Step 8- repeat for other posts
Step 9- Check posts are level by placing timber across two posts and use spirit level
Step 10- mark positioning of L bracket on the base of each post and use drill or screw driver to fix and 20mm screws
Step 11- secure gravel boards through the L bracket using 20mm screws
Step 12- Mark positions of U brackets on each post, 150mm from top and bottom and use 35mm external grade screws to fix
Step 13- lift fence panels into position and slide between u brackets. Secure panel in place with the 35mm external grade screws
Step 14- If you need to cut last fence panel measure and mark a guide line. Remove framing battens and saw down guideline
Step 15- put the framing battens back where needed

Step 16- if adding trellis fix a u bracket in middle of where it will be positioned on post. Slide into position and secure through brackets with 35mm external grade screws
Step 17- repeat until all trellis is complete


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Published On: 16/03/2021Categories: How To Guides

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