Thistle Bonding Coat 25kg

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Thistle BondingCoat backing plaster is first choice for plasterers working with smooth or low suction backgrounds. It’s easy to spread and finish thanks to its fine mix and good workability, making it the ideal undercoat on new walls, or for making good old walls before skimming with British Gypsum finishing plasters. Thistle bonding coat is for low suction backgrounds to improve workability. It is easy to spread, rule and darby and takes 1.5 to 2 hours to set.
Features & Benefits
  • Undercoat plaster for low suction surfaces
  • Ideal for new walls, or for making good old walls
  • Ideal for applying directly to plasterboard where dubbing out is required
  • Provides an excellent base coat for Thistle finishing plasters
  • EN 13279-2
Approximate Setting Time 200 mins
Coat type Undercoat
Colour Pink/grey
Coverage 3.5m2 at 8mm thick 2.75m2 at 11mm thick
Drying time 1.5-2 hours
Material Gypsum based
Quality standard Compliant to EN 13279-1