Thistle Hardwall 25kg

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Key Features

  • Suitable for most masonry backgrounds including aircrete blocks, common bricks, medium density blocks and dense blocks (but not smooth low suction blocks)
  • Easy to apply and ready to use
  • High bond strength and reliability
  • Estimating guide approx. 2.25m2 per bag
  • 4-month shelf life
  • Can be spray applied
  • Pre-mixed gypsum undercoat plaster
  • Long-lasting
  • Higher impact resistance


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Thistle Hardwall Plaster, and what makes it suitable for my project? Thistle Hardwall Plaster is a pre-mixed gypsum undercoat plaster designed for most masonry backgrounds. It provides a smooth, inert, and high-quality surface for internal walls, ensuring superior impact resistance and durability. It’s especially suitable for aircrete blocks, common bricks, medium density blocks, and dense blocks.

How do I apply Thistle Hardwall Plaster, and is it easy to use? Application is straightforward. Simply follow the provided instructions for a smooth and hassle-free process. Thistle Hardwall Plaster is known for its ease of use, making it suitable for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Can I use Thistle Hardwall Plaster on all types of masonry surfaces? Thistle Hardwall Plaster is compatible with most masonry backgrounds, including aircrete blocks, common bricks, medium density blocks, and dense blocks. However, it is not recommended for use on smooth low suction blocks.

What is the coverage area per bag of Thistle Hardwall Plaster? The estimating guide suggests an approximate coverage of 2.25 square meters per 25Kg bag. This can vary based on application thickness and surface conditions.

Is Thistle Hardwall Plaster suitable for spray application? Yes, Thistle Hardwall Plaster can be spray-applied for added convenience, allowing for efficient and even coverage.

How long is the shelf life of Thistle Hardwall Plaster? The product has a shelf life of 4 months, ensuring freshness and usability within a reasonable timeframe.

Can Thistle Hardwall Plaster be used as a standalone finish, or does it require an additional coat? While Thistle Hardwall Plaster provides a smooth and durable base, it is recommended to apply a final coat of Thistle Multi-finish for the best results. This combination enhances both aesthetics and performance.

Does Thistle Hardwall Plaster offer any specific advantages over other plaster products? Thistle Hardwall Plaster stands out for its high bond strength, reliability, and superior impact resistance. It provides a long-lasting solution that serves as an excellent base for decorative finishes.

Are there any special considerations for storage or handling of Thistle Hardwall Plaster? Ensure proper storage in a cool, dry place and follow standard safety precautions during handling. Refer to the product label for detailed guidelines on storage and usage.