How to guide- How to lay a Patio

How to guide- How to lay a Patio

In order to minimise the amount of tiles you need to cut make a detailed plan of your new patio, it is also recommended to lay the patio tiles out into position, in this pattern to not only check the fit but the look as well. Taking a photo of this may also help later on
If you’re laying this directly next to your house you will need to ensure that it is 150mm below the damp proof course. You may also want a rainwater-run off of 1:60 (16mm per metre)
If using different colour slabs, it is recommended to mix them up first to avoid blocks of the same colour, the same if using slabs from different pallets.

Step 1- Use a CAT tool to ensure there are no hidden pipes or cables where you intend to lay your patio. Use string or builders wire to mark the edge of your patio.
Step 2- Check the corners are square and mark the edge with a spade or similar.
Step 3- When digging out the area, allow for 100mm of MOT type 1/ hardcore, 25mm of slablayer plus the thickness of your slabs, plus any fall calculations.
Step 4- Add the MOT Type 1 or hardcore, rake over to flatten and then compact it with a wacker plate or tamper, you may wish to do this in two lots
Step 5- Following the manufacturer’s instructions add the slablayer and water, and then rake over to make the surface level
Step 6- start in the furthest corner and dampen the underside of the slab, then gently tap it down with a rubber mallet to bed it. Use this first slab as a guide and remember to leave a gap between slaps for joint. You can use wood as spacers
Step 7- Regularly check the level, when completed it needs to be left to dry for a few days, if it is going to rain cover it with something like a plastic sheet
Step 8- Fill in the joints with a dry mortar mix or slablayer, then brush any excess from the slab face before it can set.


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